Stylish Blogging

by Marisa Marcantonio

I entered the blogging world through the back door

After years as an editor working at House & Garden, House Beautiful, and O at Home, Oprah’s home magazine, I joined the team at the interior design firm David Easton. I wanted a closer look at the other side, the design innovators, and this was a good place to witness this creativity. After being in editorial, it turned out I had a lot to say about style, trends, and designers, and the only way to get the word out was to blog about it.

There were enormous changes happening in the industry when I transitioned from editorial to the design market. With the magazine landscape changing around me, I could still speak up and share what was important and deeply compelling about design through my blog. I started Stylebeat ( three years ago and realized I loved the idea of being able to share the inspiring things I saw in the world of interior design and decoration. I soon found out that people were enjoying what I shared. I scouted well-merchandised design shops, perused new websites, and sought out the best new and classic designers and their work to present in a clean, editorial format. The tools of creativity and production have been democratized. Here was a way to present information with real time, immediate results. Blogging allows me to cover the scoop before magazines and even newspapers, and I can report on up-to-the-minute news and share industry event coverage

As time progressed, I started to find my editorial voice with this new, instantaneous form of expression. Seeking out relevant work and exciting finds—that is what inspires me. What does a blog make possible? It allows me the platform to reflect on what I consider good design and true talent. My blog allows me to disseminate beautiful things, say what is relevant, and post it, presto, it is published.

Blogging also allows the privilege of commentary. The internet affords immediate access to information and as I share with my readers, I am reminded that one picture is still worth a thousand words. I have complete editorial freedom, with none of the constraints of the traditional written page, or advertisers and magazine sales to think about.

And now, a new discovery. Everyone is blogging and the design industry thrives on it. Through my new role as the writer of the Cohen Design Center’s design blog, I hav,e gained a deeper perspective on the tastemakers and innovators in the home design industry. The resources that show in these centers make decisions based on what they foresee in the future, as well as what the designers who shop their showroom tell them is pertinent today. I now have the privilege of an additional audience, and the Internet is welcoming them as well. With editorial privilege and a bird’s eye view, I am in constant contact with the home decorating arena. A magazine, a blog, a newspaper, each offers aspiration and inspiration, which has a place in the collective consciousness of design. The rewards are greater each day, and my passion for interior design is stronger than ever.

Marisa Marcantonio has been working in the
interior design industry for more than a decade.
She previously served as the Style Editor at
House Beautiful and the Senior Style Editor at
O at Home, and has worked with interior
designers David Easton and David Kleinberg.
She is the editor of the Cohen Design Center’s
blog as well as her
personal blog,